Food Bank of IowaHelp this Holiday Season — Food Bank of Iowa

It’s the great paradox of Iowa; we are the “breadbasket of the world,” yet many Iowans go to bed hungry at night. It is particularly upsetting to realize that many of these Iowans are children. According to the Food Bank of Iowa, one in eight Iowans are food-insecure. Worse yet, one in five Iowa children go without enough to eat on a regular basis.
During the three terms you’ve sent me to the Capitol, I’ve worked hard alongside a small, bi-partisan group of legislators to further assist Iowa’s hungry. We’ve made some progress. As recently as 2013, Iowa became the 39th state to provide support for their food banks. Still, there is much to be done. Adult and childhood hunger is a problem with real solutions. A public, private partnership is the best way to move these efforts forward.
Hunger isn’t simply a health issue, there is a stigma attached to hunger that only those who have experienced it can understand. Hard-working Iowans go hungry every day, and night. It’s time we eliminate the stigma of hunger and provide support to our emergency food banks. Thankfully, food bank volunteers and workers know the importance of treating hungry Iowans with dignity, respect, and a caring, smiling face.
If you and your family are in need of assistance or would like to help in these efforts, contact the Food Bank of Iowa at 515-564-0330, or contact me and I’ll be happy to connect you.

Veterans Day

This Veterans Day, let’s take a moment to remember something important about veterans in our community. Veterans continue to serve long after they’ve taken off their uniforms to come home.

The volunteer coaches and school mentors are so often veterans who - on top of all they’ve given our country - still want to give more to our kids and community.

The person who mows the lawn or shovels the walk of the elderly neighbor "just because," is likely a veteran.

This year on Veterans Day - as we do every day - let’s honor their service in uniform and in harm’s way, as well as their continued service to our neighbors here in town. 

State Representative Dan Kelley, Newton

Kelley attends Clean Water Interstate Conference

From the Newton Daily News. Rep. Dan Kelley joined fellow Iowa and Minnesota legislators Sept. 21-23 to seek clean water solutions at a “Clean Water/Soil Health Tour,” hosted by the University of Minnesota’s Water Resource Center.

“Finding solutions to our ever growing need for clean water is not a unique problem to Iowa,” said Kelley, a member of the Iowa House Agriculture committee and Environmental Protection committee. “Through this interstate meeting we have made connections with Minnesota that might lead to further collaboration between our states and others in the future.” (More.)

Kelley appointed to third term on Innovative Swine Industry Enhancement Grant Board

From the Newton Daily News. Rep. Dan Kelley (D-Newton) was appointed to serve his third term on the Innovation Swine Industry Enhancement Grant Board to help spur and grow Iowa’s swine industry.

“Over the last decade, Smithfield grants have kept Iowa a world leader in agriculture,” Kelley said. “I look forward to the work on this committee for the final year of grants. We must do all we can to help those who want to further their operations in Iowa agriculture, while protecting the environment and improving Iowa’s water quality.”

Iowa Rep. Dan Kelley endorsed Martin O'Malley for PresidentKelley endorses O'Malley for President

I've officially made my Presidential endorsement. I'm proud to commit to caucus for Martin O' Malley. He has a bold and progressive approach and a track record of strong executive leadership. I am particularly impressed with his commitment to environment, renewable energy, and education. He is the best Presidential candidate to build an economy to work for all of us. That's the kind of approach we need here in Iowa, and around our country to rebuild the American Dream.

Learn more at

Iowa State Representative Dan Kelley signs education petition 2015-07-10Petition calling for a Special Legislative Session to over-ride Governor Branstad's line-item veto of the education funding agreed upon by Democrats and Republicans

On July 2, Governor Branstad vetoed $56 million in urgently needed school funding. The money was approved by lawmakers in a compromise during the 2015 legislative session.

In an effort to restore school funding, some lawmakers are calling for a special session of the Iowa Legislature to overturn the veto. For a special session to occur, two-thirds of Iowa lawmakers (67 in the House/34 in the Senate) must formally request one.

Iowa school leaders say the result of the $56 million veto will be larger class sizes, fewer teachers, and higher property taxes.

A petition from Iowans to lawmakers calling for a special session was also launched and has already gathered over 6,640 signatures. Anyone interested in signing the petition can go here:

We must make kids our top-priority and stand-up for our educators. Education is an investment in the future. The Senate approved the measure by a 28-21 vote and the House by a 53-46 vote.

Rep. Dan Kelley urges review of Bakken pipeline plansEnvironmental review of Bakken pipeline plans and eminent domain reforms are needed

From the Des Moines Register State Representative Dan Kelley joined 14 fellow Iowa House members—three Republicans and 11 Democrats—to urge

the Iowa Utilities Board to commission an independent environmental assessment before making a decision whether to approve the proposed Bakken crude oil pipeline through Iowa.

The pipeline, which would transport up to 570,000 barrels of crude oil daily from North Dakota's oil production region to Illinois, would slice diagonally through 18 Iowa counties. Dakota Access LLC, a unit of Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners, is proposing the project.

Opposition has grown in Jasper County following recently proposed legislation as well as the shipping of 30-inch pipe material to Jasper County for this project that isn’t even approved.

Organizations opposing the pipeline include the Iowa Farmers Union, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, the Iowa chapter of the Sierra Club, and the Audubon Society.

More of the pipeline's 343 stretch cutting acorss Iowa would be in Jasper County than any other county in Iowa.

At a meeting at Uncle Nancy's in Newton, Rep. Kelley pointed out that there is already a pipeline in Iowa. Built in the 1950s, it was mothballed in 2013.

"I don't want an oil pipeline running through Iowa," Kelley said. "But if Dakota Access wants to build one, why tear-up farmland diagonally across Iowa when there's already an established right of way?"

Among those applauding Rep. Kelley's protective stance regarding Jasper County and the pipeline are Kathy Holdefer of Mingo, who wrote in a Letter to the Editor in the Newtown Daily News:

As a landowner and resident in House District 29, I have seen nothing but passionate, proactive dedication from Representative Kelley. When I arranged a meeting for Mingo area residents to discuss the Bakken issue in March, Dan came to listen and to share what he knew. He is never more than an email or a phone call away when I have a question or concern. I’m always impressed by the amount of research Dan does on every issue so he can cast his votes based on the best information possible.

Visit the website of the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition to stay informed about efforts to oppose this proposed pipeline across Iowa. Online, you can use the hashtag #NoBakken.

Rep. Dan Kelley opposes tax increaseOpposing the Gas Tax Increase and Monitoring the Funds' uses

From the Newton Daily News State Representative Dan Kelley of Newton voted against the proposed gasoline tax increase.

“This bill will create an unnecessary, dramatic burden on families struggling to make ends meet,” Kelley said. “I’m particularly worried about seniors on a fixed income.

"In Jasper County, we will pay an additional $3.7 million at the pump under the bill, but just $1.4 million would come back to our county to fix up our roads,” Kelley said. “We need a better solution to our infrastructure needs, that will help our farmers get their crops to market and ensure local manufacturers can get their products delivered.”

The gasoline tax took effect on March 1, 2015. The vote in each house of the Iowa legislature was relatively close: The Iowa Senate approved the measure by a 28-21 vote and the House by a 53-46 vote.

Kelley said he has a responsibility to watch how the funds coming in from Iowa taxpayers at the gas pump are spent through the entire state. He also said he has the responsibility of monitoring how those funds are spent in Jasper County, Newton and the communities he represents.

“I encourage constituents to contact me with their thoughts on how the gas tax funds can be best spend and most effectively used,” Kelley said. “Jasper County will pay $3.6 million out of our own pockets towards the gas tax and we only get about 30 percent of that back for Jasper County. It is important that I, as a legislator, monitor this closely.”

Hillary Clinton and Dan Kelley in IowaInviting Hillary to Newton

Hillary Clinton met Democratic Representatives and Senators on April 15, 2015, at the Capitol.

I invited her to visit Newton, tour our wind manufacturing facilities and take a lap or two around the Iowa Speedway 7/8ths mile track.





Rep. Dan Kelley joins Iowa House Rural Caucus for 2015Iowa House Rural Caucus 2015

From the Newton Daily News State Representative Dan Kelley of Newton will serve on the House Rural Caucus for the 2015 legislative session.

“A vibrant ag economy is critical to a strong economy and creating jobs in communities across Iowa. Adding value to the crops for farmers through industries like renewable energy will give our local economy a boost and protect our natural resources,” Kelley said. (Continue....)

Iowa’s kids and economic future were shortchanged this week

From the Newton Daily News, January 30, 2015:

UPDATE, February. 10: Please sign this petition: "Provide adequate funding for Iowa's public schools"

The first bill up for debate this year provided local schools inadequate support. Throughout the week, I was visited at the Capitol by Jasper County’s school superintendents, school board members, teachers, parents, administrators, and, most importantly, students. Their voices all echoed the same sentiment, “Shortchanging our children will shortchange Iowa’s future.” They spoke loudly and clearly, the governor’s inadequate proposal would have adverse effects on Jasper County’s students. It would lead to higher class sizes, an increase in property taxes, and fewer opportunities for Iowa students.

I listened and introduced a common-sense plan to consider inflationary increases in day-to-day expenses of education. Everyone knows you can’t purchase a gallon of milk with the same dollar you used to purchase it with last year, so why would our governor and house majority legislators expect schools to meet their rising fuel, utility, textbook, computer and other costs with non-inflationary adjusted budgets? It makes no sense.

Unfortunately, despite the strong opposition, the house majority party approved the governor’s proposal of 1.25 percent “allowable growth,” and sent it across the rotunda to the Senate. It’s clear the majority party either wasn’t listening to the Iowans who came to the State Capitol to give testimony, or, worse yet, simply ignored them. Either way, Iowa’s kids and our future were shortchanged.Hopefully, my colleagues in the Senate will support 6 percent allowable growth, as I proposed, and finally put kids first.

I want to make certain everyone understands the school budgeting process. The allowable growth formula sets the amount of state and property tax dollars that fund school districts. The Legislature is required by law to set the rate 30 days after the Governor releases his budget proposal. This gives schools about 18 months advance notice concerning what state funds they will receive. Then local school boards are able to set their budgets. At least, that’s the way it would work if more of my colleagues valued kids over political games.

Iowa State Representative Dan Kelley signs in at the January 2015 opening session of the Iowa Legislature (House of Representatives)WORK TOGETHER TO BUILD A STRONG MIDDLE CLASS

From the Newton Daily News (Des Moines, Iowa) – The 2015 Iowa Legislature opened today and State Representative Dan Kelley of Newton was officially sworn in to office to the Iowa House of Representatives.

“The people of Jasper County gave me a tremendous honor by re-electing me as their State Representative in November. Today, I took the Oath of Office for the third time, and I am eager to listen, work hard, and serve our communities and Iowa during the new legislative session, both in Des Moines and at home,” said Kelley.

Some of the priorities outlined by Kelley this year include: expanding job training opportunities; raising the minimum wage; expanding early childhood education; improving access to broadband; and encouraging more production and use of renewable energy.

Iowa State Representative Dan Kelley and familiy members at the January 2015 opening session of the Iowa Legislature (House of Representatives)“We can begin the new year and new session with the principle we know well: that our challenges have solutions when people work together and trust each other. If we do that, then the challenges really do become opportunities for our citizens,” added Kelley.

The 2015 Legislature runs 110 days and is scheduled to adjourn on May 1st.

“The people of Jasper County are strong, optimistic, and ready for the future. These are the values that make us who we are. I am grateful to the citizens for giving me the chance to serve in the Iowa House of Representatives, and I am ready to get back to the Capitol on behalf of Jasper County and Iowa,” said Kelley.

“I encourage anyone with questions or suggestions to contact me at the Statehouse. While I will be attending a host of public events at home on weekends, I can be reached anytime by email at or by phone at 641-521-9260,” concluded Kelley.

Photos: Representative Dan Kelley was sworn into office during the first day of the 86th General Assembly of the Iowa House of Representatives on Monday, January 12, 2015. He was joined by his family in the House Chambers.

Kelley promotes Newton Renewable Energy jobs in DC

From in the Newton Daily News. State Representative Dan Kelley, of Newton, spent time promoting the Renewable Fuels Standard and the Wind Production Tax Credits to the White House and the United States Congress last week. He was also in attendance at a national conference dedicated to exploring policy solutions to climate change and clean energy solutions in Chicago.

Kelley along with fellow legislators from around the country spoke to a number of officials at the White House including Dan Utech, Special Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change. Kelley also thanked Congressman Dave Loebsack for his support of the continuation of the Renewable Fuels Standard, and encouraged the rest of Iowa’s congressional delegation to support it as well. Continue reading....

Red Rock DamTaking the lead on hydropower

In the state that ranks third nationwide in terms of installed wind-energy capacity – about 27 percent of Iowa’s power comes from wind – state Rep. Dan Kelley believes that hydropower ultimately could produce as much power as Iowa’s wind turbines.

“The state of Iowa has become a national leader in wind energy, and that shows we have the wherewithal and the interest to pursue renewables to a great extent,” Kelley said. “There’s no reason we can’t do the same with hydropower. That’s why I’m trying to take the lead in these efforts.”

Photo: The Red Rock Dam near Pella, Iowa will soon be home to the state’s second-largest hydro plant. (Carl Wycoff via Creative Commons)

State Rep. Dan Kelley, D-Newton, appointed as the Ranking Member on the House Administration and Regulation Budget Subcommittee for the 2015 Legislative Session

“I look forward to continuing my leadership role on the Administration and Regulation Budget Subcommittee and working across the aisle to come up with solutions to keep the state budget balanced while providing important services for everyday Iowans,” Kelley said. “I will continue to work with constituents and colleagues to promote local jobs, strengthen our schools, protect seniors, and provide a healthy environment to future generations. Jasper County’s economic recovery belongs to all of us. If you have questions, concerns, or ideas to help build a quality future for Jasper County and Iowa, call me at home, 641-521-9260.”

REG Newton UpgradeAnother Victory for Newton: REG Newton Unveils $13.2 million Upgrade

Congressman Dave Loebsack along with Deputy Secretary of the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship Michael Naig joined community and business leaders to mark the occasion with a ribbon cutting and presentation.

“Enhancing REG Newton’s distillation and processing capabilities strengthens our lower-cost, multi-feedstock biomass-based diesel business and provides customers with more fuel options both in the Midwest and nationwide,” said Daniel J. Oh, REG President and CEO. “This plant was already a high performing facility that deserved additional investment and I am confident the return on investment will be rapid.” Read more.

Photo: Newton Mayor Michael Hansen, Congressman Dave Loebsack and Rep. Dan Kelley along with business and company leaders attended the ribbon cutting for the REG Newton 30 million gallon nameplate biorefinery upgrade. (Jamee A. Pierson/Daily News)

Dan Kelley comments about Gateway Park, Jasper County, Iowa, near ColfaxA New Green Gateway to Jobs, Family Fun, and a Benefit to Jasper County

A 500-acre outdoor recreational park is in the works near Colfax. I'm going to serve as an Ex-Officio member of the board currently putting plans together. If done right, this could provide an economic boost to Colfax and the rest of Jasper County.

Campgrounds could benefit the Iowa Speedway and vice-versa. Year-round outdoor recreational opportunities will bring tourism dollars and enhance Jasper County as a great place for families. The land has been used as a gravel-quarry and has been mined to its fullest extent. This is a way to bring used-up industrial land back to its natural state.

I'm committed to making this project work as an economic boost, enhancement of our environment and provide opportunities for families. Read more.

$380M hydroelectric project planned for Lake Red Rock

Newton Daily News. A $380 million effort to retrofit the Lake Red Rock Dam to produce hydroelectric energy for up to 61 communities across four states will get underway Wednesday with a groundbreaking.

The project is overseen by Sioux Falls, S.D. based company Missouri River Energy Services (MRES), which is projecting the plant will product 36.4 megawatts of power. It claims the dam is capable of powering 18,000 homes during peak water levels.

The project, expected to be completed in 2018, will be the second largest hydroelectric facility in Iowa.

Iowa Rep. Dan Kelley, D-Newton, is a known proponent of alternative energies and expressed strong support for House File 630 during the 2013 legislative session, which allows this project to receive the same sales tax credits as wind powered projects. hoping the success of this project could spur development of another large hydroelectric project on the Mississippi River near Iowa’s eastern border. He said studies have shown that there are several suitable sites present in the area. Read the entire article in the Newton Daily News.

Iowans advised to seek legal advice before signing contracts for pipeline

Jasper County residents are encouraged to seek legal assistance or contact the Iowa Attorney General’s Office prior to entering into any type of legal agreement with an out of state company for a proposed pipeline that may go through Jasper County.

“It is important for farmers and landowners not rush into any agreements with the pipeline developers,” Rep. Dan Kelley said. “I encourage those who are approached to seek legal advice or contact the Iowa Attorney General’s Office prior to entering into any type of agreement with an out of state company for a proposed pipeline that may go through Jasper County.”

Energy Transfer Partners L.P., a Texas based company wants to build a pipeline connecting its gulf coast oil terminal to oil fields in North Dakota. The proposed Bakken Pipeline would go through 17 Iowa counties, including Jasper County.

“In addition to studying this proposal, I am focused on helping expand permanent renewable energy jobs in Jasper County,” Kelley said. “We’ve taken advantage of the opportunities offered by wind and biodiesel. The current expansion at REG Newton biodiesel plant is evidence our efforts are working.”

The Iowa Attorney General can be reached at (515) 281-5164 or at

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