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We Proudly Support Patriot OutreachKelley Has Worked Hard for Iowa's Veterans

Endorsement by Richard Bullock in the Newton Daily News. As a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, I am proud to support State Rep. Dan Kelley in the upcoming election. Dan Kelley has stood for Iowa’s veterans, and I stand with him.

We know the best ways to show our gratitude to returning veterans is through our actions. Dan has lived that promise, working to make sure Iowa is a place where veterans can live, work and return to civilian life.

For example, Dan has worked to reduce tuition for veterans attending collage after returning back to Iowa.

Dan understands the financial and emotional burdens placed on deployed soldier’s and their families. For those in danger of losing their homes, he was a proud member of the bipartisan coalition to offer additional protections from foreclosures immediately following their deploying. In fact, this was the first bill Dan authored, just days after being sworn-in as a new state representative four years ago.

Dan has also worked closely with Patriot Outreach and other veterans organizations to ensure troops recently returning from battles have the necessary support to cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD....

Newton’s comeback is critical for our veterans and for all of us, and because of that, I am voting to re-elect Dan Kelly, and I hope you will do the same.

Dan Kelley, March 19, 2012, League of Women VotersKelley Has a Proven Track Record

Endorsement by Mary (DeGrado) Evanson in the Newton Daily News. Dan Kelley is running a different kind of campaign—one based on the issues, his proven track-record and his abilities —not negative half-truths, fueled by hatred for the opposing party. I encourage you to take a serious look at him as he seeks re-election in the statehouse.

I’ve known Dan for the better part of 25 years and he’s as genuine now as he was then. He’s an ethical representative whose reputation has proven he is a leader who listens, uses common sense in decision-making, asks thoughtful questions and makes himself available to discuss issues and concerns with the people in Jasper County and across Iowa.

Dan grew up in Jasper County, volunteers in his community and is a small business owner who appreciates the needs of fellow residents. He understands the importance of educating Iowans in order to keep jobs in this state and attract new jobs to area. He recognizes that alternative energy sources are at the heart of growing Iowa’s economy and looks for ways to keep that industry thriving within the state. And perhaps most importantly, Dan’s values guide him in treating everyone with dignity and respect; whether it’s his opponent in this upcoming election or a community member he runs into at a local diner—he is leader with character. He’s running this campaign, his service in the statehouse and his life with honesty and a commitment to serving Iowans.

Kelley Supportive of Drug Control Policy

Sgt. A.W. Farmer's & Capt. Mike McKelvey's letter in the Newton Daily News. In Iowa, the percentage of persons entering substance abuse treatment primarily due to marijuana is at its highest point in 20 years - over 26 percent. Most importantly, marijuana is illegal under federal law. Creating a patchwork of state laws that attempt to “legalize” a drug that is prohibited under federal law creates confusion and jeopardizes the safety of all Iowans.

Recognizing the danger of legalization, State Rep. Dan Kelley has consistently opposed efforts to increase access to marijuana. He understands the harmful effects of drug use and has raised concerns about the mixed messages that marijuana legalization would send to Iowa children. Rep. Kelley has also supported continued funding for the Office of Drug Control Policy to help combat not only marijuana abuse, but also the increasing use of methamphetamine and heroin in Iowa.

Kelley tireless supporter of renewable fuels industry

Endorsement byScott Hedderich in the Newton Daily News. Dan Kelley has been a tireless supporter of the renewable fuels industry. He has always been there ready to listen when our industry has had concerns. He doesn’t hesitate to reach out to our plant to discuss how pending legislation might impact jobs here in Newton. He was early to act at the Capitol when the economic down turn was hurting biodiesel plants four years ago. He is a serious and considerate lawmaker who has been eager to help see our plant in Newton and the number of people we employ, grow and prosper.

Kelley Supports Workers

Endorsement by Sarah Zaruba in the Newton Daily News. Recently, a letter in the paper tried to paint Dan with the broad and negative brush of PACs and special interest money. Dan is honest and accessible as a neighbor and as a legislator. I am also an AFSCME member. I am proud that my union supports Dan. My union contributed to Dan because he supports public employees and works with us to improve public services for our communities. So, as you can see, our donation was not special interest money like you see in Washington, D.C. It was just because we need Dan Kelley back in the legislature, for Jasper County and for Iowa.

Iowa Speedway Thanks Dan Kelley


Kelley Supportive of Drug Control Policy

Sgt. A.W. FARMER & Capt. MIKE MCKELVEY in the Newton Daily News. In Iowa, the percentage of persons entering substance abuse treatment primarily due to marijuana is at its highest point in 20 years - over 26 percent. Most importantly, marijuana is illegal under federal law. Creating a patchwork of state laws that attempt to “legalize” a drug that is prohibited under federal law creates confusion and jeopardizes the safety of all Iowans.

Recognizing the danger of legalization, State Rep. Dan Kelley has consistently opposed efforts to increase access to marijuana. He understands the harmful effects of drug use and has raised concerns about the mixed messages that marijuana legalization would send to Iowa children. Rep. Kelley has also supported continued funding for the Office of Drug Control Policy to help combat not only marijuana abuse, but also the increasing use of methamphetamine and heroin in Iowa.

"Dan Kelley is a strong voice in the statehouse"

Endorsement by Sandy Opstvedt in the Newton Daily News. Rep. Kelley has served not only his district but also his state with notable distinction since he took office. He is hard working, leads with integrity, develops rational strategies and strives to find reasonable consensus among his peers. He makes knowledgeable decisions because he takes the time to ask questions, listen, research and evaluate all sides of a position.

Rep. Kelley has been at the forefront as Jasper County rebounded from the Maytag closure. While supporting new industry including wind manufacturing, biodiesel production, solar energy and hydroelectric power, he has led the charge to assure adequate legislative language was in place which allowed for such expansion. In doing so, he has reached beyond the state capitol steps encouraging passage of necessary federal legislation. The result has been job creation and a realistic economic boost.

He continues to be a strong advocate for the Iowa Speedway as well as the entire business community. In addition, Rep. Kelley knows that quality education must be a priority. As such, he supports funding levels which allow the educational infrastructure to produce top-notch opportunities for individuals of all ages.

The fact that Dan Kelley maintains a commitment toward running a positive campaign is refreshing in an environment where negativity is so rampant. That consideration in itself speaks volumes about who he is and how he chooses to govern."

Rep. Dan Kelley (D-Newton), January 10, 2012"Kelley is an advocate for Iowa veterans"

Endorsement by BOB KRAUSE in the Newton Daily News. "I would like to thank the people of House District 29...for sending Dan Kelley to the Statehouse over these past few years. I have worked with Dan in the legislature on a variety of veterans issues. He is a solid player, does good research and has been a superb advocate for veterans....Please send him back again to work with me and the veterans community."

"Kelley is a strong voice for corrections staff"

Read the entire endorsement in the Newton Daily News. Excerpt: "In the legislature, Rep. Kelley has been a consistently strong voice on behalf of corrections staff who are working to keep you safe..... Rep. Kelley is a legislator who listens to his constituents and works hard on their behalf. I urge my fellow voters in Iowa House District 29 to join me in supporting Dan Kelley."

"Kelley’s continued leadership is needed"

Endorsement by FRANCIS THICKE in the Newton Daily News: "I recall statewide media coverage of a water quality hearing in the statehouse in which Dan Kelley was the only representative who had the wherewithal to ask key questions about how Iowa’s water quality goals could be met. His continued leadership is needed.

"I am pleased that Dan is running a positive campaign, and I urge you to send him back to the statehouse, for the benefit of Jasper County and all of Iowa." Read the entire letter here.

"Kelley is good for education!"

Endorsement by DONNA COOK in the Newton Daily News: "Dan has demonstrated a willingness to do his homework and to reach out for more information to make the best decisions possible. He works hard to build his knowledge of key issues and supports what is best for children."

"Dan takes things to heart and that is not common in politics"

Endorsement by ATHENA VALDEZ in the Newton Daily News: "I have been working with Dan Kelley for nearly two years on a tornado siren bill that would require all communities in Iowa to have some sort of warning in place for all residents. The bill is HF408.

I met Dan in 2013 when my community, Melbourne, refused to get a siren installed and I reached out for help; Dan is the one who answered that call for help..... Dan is like family now. My 8-year-old son looks up to him and because of him my son wants to someday work in government. He has taken a huge interest in how things work and wants to help make a change like his mom, and like Dan.

Dan is Iowa’s friend. He cares for each and every individual here and wants nothing but the best for everyone in our beautiful state, which is more than I can say for other elected officials.... Dan is different. He takes things to heart and that is not common in politics. Read the entire letter here.

Kelley helped create Iowa jobs

Endorsement by DAN PRYMEK, JASON COPPLE in the Newton Daily News: "The hydroelectric project at Lake Red Rock which recently broke ground will employ more than 400 workers at the height of its construction. Rep. Dan Kelley played an important leadership role in his work on the Hydroelectric Sales Tax Exemption legislation which was signed into law last year.

"Dan extended the sales tax exemption on equipment used to convert wind to energy, to include hydroelectricity production. Our members of the Iowa State Heavy Highway Subcommittee are busy building wind farms and now the Red Rock Hydroelectric Dam. Rep. Kelley’s attention to job creation and energy infrastructure should not go unnoticed."

"Kelley has served Jasper Country well"

TROY CHURCH ENDORSEMENT in the Newton Daily News: "Kelley sits on more committees than any other member in the Iowa House, including Environmental Protection, Agriculture, Ways and Means, State Government and International Relations. He also serves as a ranking member of the Administration and Regulation Appropriations Subcommittee. He is an ex-officio member of the Iowa Parks Foundation Trust Board and serves on the Capitol Planning Commission which plans the future of the Capitol Campus Complex.

"Rep. Kelley is proud of Newton, and has served Jasper County well. Unlike many members of the House, he has maintained a perfect attendance record and he readily volunteers his time for extra work. Kelley is not running a negative campaign against his opponent, which is a shining example of his character. With Newton’s best interest in mind, he stands by his voting record." Read the entire letter here.

"Kelley supports renewable fuels, green jobs"

BILL COBBS ENDORSEMENT in the Newton Daily News: "Newton went through a difficult transition and if you look at our tax base we desperately need the jobs that places like REG, Trinity and TPI have provided.

Dan Kelley understands the importance of livable wage jobs in Newton.... I’ve seen first-hand Dan’s tireless efforts supporting those things he believes are good for the state of Iowa and specifically for Newton. That is one of the reasons I will be supporting him in November’s election." Read the entire letter here.

"I hope you will send Dan Kelley back to the Capitol "

GAIL ORCUTT ENDORSEMENT in the Newton Daily News: "I am a cancer survivor and a volunteer for several cancer organizations. Whenever I spoke with Dan at the Capitol, it was obvious that he cares deeply about making life better for all cancer survivors.

"Dan was a founding member of the bi-partisan Cancer Caucus. He fought to get much needed funding for cancer research at the University of Iowa. Dan helps to organize the Jasper County Relay for Life which provides funding for research and support for cancer patients.

"Dan especially understands the dangers of addiction to nicotine, so he continues to fight for programs and policy that will prevent our youth from ever starting to smoke." Read the entire letter here.

$380M hydroelectric project planned for Lake Red Rock

Newton Daily News. A $380 million effort to retrofit the Lake Red Rock Dam to produce hydroelectric energy for up to 61 communities across four states will get underway Wednesday with a groundbreaking.

The project is overseen by Sioux Falls, S.D. based company Missouri River Energy Services (MRES), which is projecting the plant will product 36.4 megawatts of power. It claims the dam is capable of powering 18,000 homes during peak water levels.

The project, expected to be completed in 2018, will be the second largest hydroelectric facility in Iowa.

Iowa Rep. Dan Kelley, D-Newton, is a known proponent of alternative energies and expressed strong support for House File 630 during the 2013 legislative session, which allows this project to receive the same sales tax credits as wind powered projects. hoping the success of this project could spur development of another large hydroelectric project on the Mississippi River near Iowa’s eastern border. He said studies have shown that there are several suitable sites present in the area. Read the entire article in the Newton Daily News.

Clean jobs save small town America.
MSNBC's Ed Schultz speaks with Dan Kelley on The Ed Show

"The people of Newton, Iowa know the importance of the state’s Senate race, with the future of their clean energy jobs on the line." (The Ed Show)

There is a segment on Newton, jobs, and the elections at the start of the show. Following the segment, Ed interview me about wind-energy. Tune in!

RFA names Kelley champion of fuels

Newton Daily News. The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association named Dan Kelley a 2014 “Champion of Renewable Fuels".

“With Iowa being a leader in renewable fuel production, it provides quality jobs right here in Jasper County, while making our environment healthier and reducing our dependence on foreign oil,” said Kelley, who is serving his second term in the Iowa Legislature. Read the entire article in the Newton Daily News.

Sierra Club endorses Kelley for Iowa House

Newton Daily News. The Iowa Chapter of the Sierra Club announced its endorsement of Dan Kelley in the election for the House of Representatives’ District 29.

“I am pleased today to announce that the Sierra Club has officially endorsed Dan Kelley for re-election to the House of Representatives’ 29th District,” said Charles Winterwood, Iowa Chapter Political Chair. “We are confident that he will continue work to protect Iowa families’ health, air and water, and build a clean energy economy that works for Iowa.”

Kelley’s support for cleaning up impaired waters, protecting Iowa’s soil, backing air quality standards and furthering clean energy solutions moves Iowa toward forward movement rather than reversing Iowa’s progress, Winterwood said.

“We are deeply grateful to Rep. Kelley for his support for clean energy, clean air and clean water,” said Winterwood. “We look forward to continuing to work with Rep. Kelley upon his re-election to the House of Representatives.”

Iowans advised to seek legal advice before signing contracts for pipeline

Jasper County residents are encouraged to seek legal assistance or contact the Iowa Attorney General’s Office prior to entering into any type of legal agreement with an out of state company for a proposed pipeline that may go through Jasper County.

“It is important for farmers and landowners not rush into any agreements with the pipeline developers,” Rep. Dan Kelley said. “I encourage those who are approached to seek legal advice or contact the Iowa Attorney General’s Office prior to entering into any type of agreement with an out of state company for a proposed pipeline that may go through Jasper County.”

Energy Transfer Partners L.P., a Texas based company wants to build a pipeline connecting its gulf coast oil terminal to oil fields in North Dakota. The proposed Bakken Pipeline would go through 17 Iowa counties, including Jasper County.

“In addition to studying this proposal, I am focused on helping expand permanent renewable energy jobs in Jasper County,” Kelley said. “We’ve taken advantage of the opportunities offered by wind and biodiesel. The current expansion at REG Newton biodiesel plant is evidence our efforts are working.”

The Iowa Attorney General can be reached at (515) 281-5164 or at

Iowa State Rep. Dan Kelley, Iowa Speedway Pres. Jimmy Small, et al, at bill signingby Gov. Terry Brandstad in Jasper County, 2014NASCAR Iowa Speedway bill signed into law at Newton Manufacturing

Gov. Terry Branstad signed the Iowa Speedway bill into law at Newton Manufacturing during a Jasper County town hall meeting as part of a 99-county “Iowa Is Working” tour. The Iowa House had approved of the bill by a strong vote of 82-14.

Read the article in the Newton Daily News. (Photo by Zach Johnson.)

Iowa House approves tax incentive for NASCAR

The Iowa Speedway Bill passed the House 82-14 on March 26! It now goes to the Governor's desk.

Dan Kelley, Iowa Speedway, NASCAR, Newton, Democratic State Representative - 2014 tax incentiveVia

It’s now up to the governor to decide whether to extend a state sales tax rebate to NASCAR, the new owner of the Iowa Speedway in Newton. The Senate endorsed the idea Monday and the House on Wednesday voted 82-14 to send the bill to the governor.

Representative Dan Kelley, a Democrat from Newton, said “NASCAR ownership is a game-changer.... It is a vast departure from the status quo. They plan to transform the Speedway into a popular regional attraction and make it an even more powerful economic engine for the state.”

Current state law extends a sales tax rebate on goods and services sold at the track, but only if the track is at least partly owned by Iowans. NASCAR bought the track last fall and, if the bill becomes law, NASCAR will be able to get up to $9 million in sales tax rebates from the state between now and 2026.

“A significant step to make ensure NASCAR’s long-term vision for the Iowa Speedway becomes reality,” Kelley said.

I'm excited to announce my campaign for a third term in the Iowa House of Representatives. Thanks for your support.

Kelley announces re-election bid. Newton Daily News.

"We have made progress building Iowa’s skilled workforce, expanding access to affordable health care, and lowering property taxes for our local businesses," Kelley said. "We can take pride in the work that is being done in Jasper County with the development of biodiesel and wind energy. I look forward to working with industries to expand and create additional local jobs.”

Kelley is currently serving his second term in the Iowa House and is ranking member of the Administration and Regulation Budget Committee. He also serves on the Agriculture, Environment Protection, State Government, International Relations and Ways and Means committees. Additionally, he serves on the Iowa Park Foundation Trust Board and the Iowa Capitol Planning Commission.

“It is a great honor serving the people of Jasper County in the Iowa House and I look forward to another productive year,” he said. “My top priority is growing Iowa’s middle class and guaranteeing that every child gets a quality education and graduates with the skills necessary to land a good-paying job.”

Kelley is a small business owner and realtor in Newton and a graduate of Newton Senior High School and the University of Iowa. He and his family are longtime Newton residents.

REG groundbreaking, Newton, Iowa, with Iowa State Rep. Dan KelleyRenewable Energy Group Breaks Ground on $13.2 Million Upgrade to Newton Biorefinery

Via WSJ Online: Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:REGI) broke ground Tuesday on a $13.2 million improvement project at its Newton biodiesel refinery that will increase the plant's ability to produce an even higher purity biodiesel from a wider array of raw materials.

REG leaders were joined by state and local officials, as well as community members and project partners, in a groundbreaking ceremony that featured Iowa Rep. Dan Kelley as the keynote speaker.
"This is a great investment for Newton," Rep. Kelley said. "I couldn't be more pleased with the commitment that REG is showing our community. Biodiesel production is important to Iowa. By making biodiesel here in Newton, REG is providing quality jobs while contributing to energy security."

Read the REG release on the Wall Street Journal online.

Photo: REG’s executive team, along with Rep. Dan Kelley, help break ground for the facility’s planned upgrade.

REG expansion project is good for everyone

The expansion of the REG Newton bio-diesel plant represents an over- $13-million investment in Newton. Much of this money will come back into the local economy in construction and engineering jobs. It also will increase the value of the local plant by making an even better biodiesel. That’s not only good for the folks at REG and a quality labor-force, that’s also good for farmers who supply the plant with a quality feedstock.

Read the rest of my update here.

Newton now a Main Street Community

Newton Daily News. Zach Johnson.

[Iowa Gov.] Branstad welcomed Newton as one of the three newest Main Street Iowa communities. State Rep. Dan Kelley and State Sen. Dennis Black were in attendance at the State Capitol and had a chance to join Newton in the celebration.

“This is very positive for Newton, and there’s a tremendous history to our main street. It’s clear that the entire state recognizes that with our recognition today as a Main Street Community,” Kelley said. “This can only mean great things for our future and maintaining the high quality of life in our community.”

Photo: Newton Mayor Mike Hansen, Newton Director of Planning and Zoning Erin Chambers and Greater Newton Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Darrell Sarmento and others with Gov. Terry Branstand and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds.

Rep. Dan Kelley speaking at REG ground-breaking in Newton, Iowa, 2014Kelley: "Newton refused to give up."

REG breaks ground on planned upgrades to its Newton facility. Newton Daily News. Ty Rushing.

February 4th's Tuesday’s groundbreaking ceremony at the REG biodiesel plant in Newton showcased the company’s continued belief in its Newton facility and that the city’s new industrial base is still a growing commodity.

“As many of you may remember, a little more than six years ago, Maytag closed its doors in Newton,” Rep. Dan Kelley said in a speech during the event....“We could have simply given up. Turned off our lights, shut our doors and moved away,” he continued. “But Newton refused to give up. To be sure, it’s been tough, but from that struggle we have seen new businesses develop … they are great examples of the success that can flow form hard work, commitment and perseverance — a lot of perseverance.”

REG’s groundbreaking was to celebrate its upcoming $13.2 million upgrade to its Newton facility. REG said the expansion was going to create 75 full-time construction jobs and allow the Newton plant to produce a higher quality biodiesel product and enable it to distill even more source materials.
REG’s Newton plant, located at 3426 E. 28th St. N., has 27 employees and is capable of producing up to 30 million gallons of biodiesel annually. Kelley also commended the company for its role in producing a green energy and for its continued support of Newton and Jasper County.

Kelley asks for public input on river, waterway protection

Newton Daily News: State Rep. Dan Kelley of Newton is calling on residents to supply input on restoring the quality of Iowa’s rivers and waterways.

A legislative Rivers and Waterways Study Committee has been charged with developing recommendations to prioritize river and waterway projects and provide defined goals and measurable improvements for Iowa’s rivers.

“This is a great opportunity for those interested to weigh in on options for the preservation and improvement of Iowa’s water quality,” Kelley said. “While water pollution will be one of the issues under consideration, the committee can also look at a broad range of river-related issues, depending on the public input received.”

The committee has been asked to consult with interested parties in considering options for restoring the quality of Iowa’s rivers and waterways. Here are some questions that may help guide your input:

1. What goals should guide Iowa’s planning and investment related to rivers and waterways?

2. What kind of river and waterway projects should the state consider supporting?

3. How should projects be prioritized?

4. What improvements to Iowa’s rivers and waterways should be measured?

You can comment here.

View comments here.

Map from

Kelley introduces measure to require cities to have emergency warning systems

Newton Independent: Rep. Dan Kelley, D-Newton, was interviewed for a news story that aired on WHO-TV about the city of Melbourne's lack of a tornado siren and Kelley's legislation that would establish a state fund to assist all communities in Iowa to provide emergency early warning systems for their residents.

Earlier this month, Kelley introduced House File 408, an act that would require each city in the state to have an operable emergency warning system and sets up a state grant fund to which cities could apply to finance the installation or upgrade of their systems.

The bill, which will not be acted upon this legislative session after it failed to pass out of committee prior to the funnel deadline, would require that all cities, at a minimum, have an operable tornado siren in place by July 1, 2018.

The measure also appropriates a total of $15 million to the Iowa Homeland Security department to establish a grant program for cities to apply for funding the installation or update of emergency warning systems.

Kelley said he was uncertain how many communities in the state do not have emergency warning sirens. The measure also calls for a study on the city emergency warning system needs of the state.

Tues., Nov. 4th
Polls open 7 a.m.–9 p.m.



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